Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Charlotte Comicon

I did the Charlotte Comicon on Sunday. It was, as always, a good show. For this show it has the distinction that I sold more comics than at any show since Heroescon last year. That makes me feel good and a little energized.

Maybe if someone is actually reading this then they are one of those new readers. If so, I hope Intermezzo captivates you into sticking around for more issues (available on Indyplanet).

Issue 5 is still moving according to schedule. I have eleven pages inked as of last night.

One of the best things about the Charlotte Comicons are the people. The artists are always friendly and we spend the day talking away about all sorts of stuff. It was nice talking to Al, Alan, Budd, Louis, and Allegra, and from what I heard they had a good show too.

I will definitely be back for their next one on August 1st. But I will be back in Charlotte for Heroescon before then (June 4th-6th).

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